“hip hop” style

I find a group of people wearing the “hip hop” style. They act a certain way, listen to a specific type of music and they walk and act a certain way


One response to ““hip hop” style

  1. kookaren2

    Hip-hop is a musical/cultural movement that derived from African American and Latino communities. Hip hop is no longer just a type of music but it has become a very influential subculture in our societies all over the world. The style of music had such a big influence in the world of fashion creating its own very distinctive style for various groups of people in all different ages. This unique style of culture has widespread allowing people to express themselves in a whole different since the 70s, this subculture has spread itself so greatly amongst so many different people it almost unites these different cultural groups together. Because of my big personal interest in the hip-hop music i have always been fascinated by this hip-hop movement. This subculture is constantly being renewed and changed especially with the new generation of technology it is so interesting to see where it came from and what it has become.

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