Japanese “Lolita” Goths

As I’ve always had a slight curiosity for this subculture, but never had the chance to look into it, I figured what better time than now?


The style of these women makes it seem as if they have stepped straight out of a comic book or an animation. As I looked further into this subculture to find out the significance for this specific look, which may seem like a costume to outsiders, I realized that much to my surprise Lolita fashion isn’t for the young but rather symbolizes the “eternal innocence and purity associated with childhood” within grown women.


The full look is worn on any day of the week, to casual every day events such as grocery shopping. Lolita is an evolving fashion composed of short puffy dresses with Victorian like frills and tights. There are atleast four categories; sweet, gothic, punk and classic.


While these different looks can be mixed, they are also accessorized, depending on their category, by make up (heavy eyeliner, pink wigs, glitter, etc) and wigs (depending on what the woman wearing it wants to convey)


The individuals in these groups create events among themselves called “Lolita Clubs” in which they organize events to meet for tea in parks (for example). They interact as a group and tend to stick together as they spread the word with their festive representation of their past and their present.




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