Uncomfortable start to understand certain subculture

I love to watch Opera or ballet. But l love Scorpions.
I think the two sentences would help you to understand about my diverse perspectives towards many different cultures.
About two years ago, I went to Brooklyn to see hard rock performance. The guy who introduced me the place even told me that some kind of SLAM DANCE could exist but I didn’t care. Of course I won’t let someone to hit me in the other place such as subway or school.(I usually HATE physical contact). But I enjoyed it because it was a part of different culture; I was ready to accept and I gladly accepted it.
On this Monday, I read ‘GOTH UNDEAD SUBCULTURE Editied by Lauren M.E. goodlad and Michael Bibby at the writing center on 14th street with a helper. After finishing the reading, our reaction was pretty negative.
In terms of analyzing Goth in a social context was a good motive: a lot of goths have experienced social rejection. Showing how basic features of Goth music has been developed and created into new, various type of Goth music.
However except the things, explaining herself and the characteristic of Goth people is just like defending themselves. The explanation about Goth culture is paradox. Nothing is clearly defined and to defend it. The author also agree with some ironic aspect of Goth culture and finally calls it ‘Romantic.’
I understand why it should be paradox(as everyone knows, each individual in society can’t be defined or divided by certain standard.)  However, since she started to state about her culture, it was better to be obvious.
This reading was “Look at Goth as it is, Goth is nice and don’t question it if you don’t understand”
Then ……why did you write this?
Unless she was writing a diary for herself, and since this reading was published, the writer was better to be careful because it makes some people feel very uncomfortable. And as you know, those people were trying to understand Goth culture.
The most horrible sentence was ” There may be a couple of homicidal psychopaths lurkingin our ranks, but there are far more, I believe, hiding in the most conventional guises. “
Of course, there must be less homicidal or criminals in Goth group. I guess this world is made of 80-90% of conventional people(or more) and 10-20% of the others. What I want to say is, persuading the others in that way is wrong.
I still believe there will be better introduction to attract people to understand Goth culture and more meaning on it. And I am already ready to accept it. 

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