Fashion Imaging: Gender Representation

Fashion Photography has played a big role in gender representation in today’s society. Fashion photography has exerted such big influences on the femaile population especially in creating such unrealistic expections for women of all ages. Of course that is not the only important thing about fashion photography but I wanted to focus on this issue because this has become a pretty dominant topic to be discussed. In the reading ‘Photography: Critical Introduction’ the author writes “ one of the key critcisms has been the way in which ads always represent women as objects to be surveyed. This has tended to increase the representation of women as both passive and objects of sexual desire”.

Image today has become such a dominant role for women and men today, we are so focused on self-image and the bases of those ideal images are drived from visual media. The visuals that we come in contact with today represent women as sexual objects creating unrealistic body imageries and gender roles. The body language of women in photos and what is signified in those images gives women the obligations to strive to look as similar as possible as those created imageries. Even with the knowledge that those images are falsely exeggerated we still desire to look the way they are depicted. We are in constant contat with the world of media exerting all these imageries of female in such sexual ways affecting women of all ages especially those who are younger. Younger teens focus to look like what is desirable by men because they are constatnly reminded to look and act certain ways. Magazine editorials and fashion photos play the same role in exerting those values away from being a form of art. It is impotant for us to think about these issues and I wanted to show an example, the image providedabove is a great example of photography depicting women as sexual objects and at the same time creating a social gender difference. Everything about this image exerts what is being discussed here, these two women are depicted as sexual objects and the men in the photo is almost given a higher status dressed in his suit looking gazing at the girls. This picture gives me the desire to look as those sexually depicted models with fashionable shoes on. Fashion photography and media imageries has shaped the mindsets of women to set false goals and desires. It is important for us to look into these ideas and values and not to be trapped by them.



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