Photography: A Critical Intro by: Liz Wells

My Response to Chapter 5 Spectacles and Illusions


For many years photography has been used to document the most significant of events, whether they affect an entire society, like fashion fashion photos which inspires people to buy. The viewer in which photos are depicted, and  photography reveals humanity in its subject, but repeated viewing make photographs less real in it context and more glamorized opposed to reality. To control the ordinary people of society, corporate media tends to serve the interest of dominant elite groups in society.


The news shapes and control opinions, information and sources simply by eliminating the most importance of the information selling part of the truth to control the general societies’ thoughts. every thing is designed to fit into the print that serves the interest of powerful elites. oif you notice the newspapers are already prewritten and confirmed before event happens. For example a the super bowl the games n media programs are already bought and paid for , elites have already decided who is going to win and it is already printed in the newspaper before the game. here is a system of shaping, control and so on which gives a certain perception of the world. I gave one example, … That has nothing to do with me, it has to do with marginalizing the public and ensuring that they don’t get in the way of elites who are supposed to run things without interference.

Reality versus Illusion

Photography is an interpretation of the real; it is also a trace, something directly stenciled off the real.”At some supernatural or metaphysical level images are, or become, or supersede reality. Such photos are a resemblance of the real as the photograph becomes an extension of the subject.have so many images available to us of: things, places, events and people from all over the world, and of not immediate relevance to our own existence, that our expectations of what we have the right to view, want to view or should view has been drastically affected. Arguably, gone are the days that we felt entitled to view only those things in our immediate presence or that affected our micro world; we now seem to feel entitled to gain access to any existing images. “In teaching us a new visual code, photographs alter and enlarge our notion of what is worth looking at and what we have the right to observe”, said Sontag.

Glam and Desire

Advertisement and publicity is inspiring desire into others in order to get them to buy. Publicity shows the needs to be happy by presenting glamour showing off happiness because others don’t have. This ideology makes viewers envy what they see and therefore make them want to have whatever the advertiser is selling. This visual culture conveys the idea of wealth and beauty. For example just like the commercial of Cindy Crawford wearing an omega watch. Cindy signifies enduring beauty and glamour.


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