Shopping and Status…

After reading “Point of Purchase” by Sharon Zukin, I realized how people viewed others by how they were dressed and how they are pressured to dress in order to gain a certain status in life. I believe that how people shop is really based on their status in their community, the location that they are in reflects on what they would buy, or wear, and who they are around also contributes to this. A person living in Manhattan wouldn’t really go around shops in sweats, even if they were going to the grocery store, where as a person who lived back home in Maryland, would definitely be comfortable going around town in sweats. I found that one of my suite mates straightening her hair and dressing up, only to go out to get some groceries and Whole Foods or at Trader Joe’s, which is only 1 or 2 blocks away. I would definitely never see someone around other stores, such as Zara or Saks, wearing sweats. They would dress up in order to go out, just so that they are not looked down upon when they enter the stores whether they are just window shopping or actually getting something. You just wouldn’t receive the same services. Different areas of town have different items in stock according to the neighborhood even if it was the same company. Even at IHOP, I found different neighborhoods having different quality foods and services. ¬†Because of the way the society looks at people by appearance, people tend to look for the brands. Whether or not the consumer is aware, they look for the brand names when they are out shopping. Even if they find a similar quality non brand item, they would pay double, triple the price for the brand name that everyone would notice once they had a glimpse of it. I think that the consumer are not buying the product, because they need that product, but they are buying the brand to appeal to society. Must consumers buy brands out of pressure?


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