“shopping has become inescapable”

As time goes on, fashion goes on, constantly evolving into a newer style, better quality, more affordability, easier access, etc. Today, society is constantly shopping, whether we are consciously or subconsciously realize we are doing it. We are surrounded by adds of the newer iPhone and iPad and think that we have to obtain these items because it’s newer, faster and more durable. You walk past a store on the street and see boots that would be perfect for the fall season, although you already have five pairs. The boots in the window are a different fit, made of nicer leather, and are something that you don’t have. We are in a consumer’s world in which it’s constantly changing and we are going along with it. “Not only is shopping melting into everything, but everything is melting into shopping” (p. 698). In “ . . .And Then There Was Shopping”, Sze Tsung Leong points out that public life is shopping, therefore making it inescapable.
While reading this essay, I was astonished by the fact that shops outnumber churches, hospitals, airports, libraries, and museums. Wherever one goes, there are a multitude of stores with something to buy that has been “reinvented, reformulated, and reshaped to keep up with the most subtle changes in society” (p. 699). Leong discusses how suburban shopping centers “transform significantly the physical makeup of a city” which I related to my hometown, Jackson, Tennessee (p. 700). While it is a pretty well populated city, there is one central shopping area, The Columns, in which everything you would need has developed in center. From gas to groceries, and clothing to restaurants, The Columns is the busiest part of my town. First built were Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and from there it flourished into a mainstream shopping center. The space is filled with signs and adds that attract consumers to come to their store and see what they have to offer.
The Columns is a prime example of how shopping centers have developed into an easily accessible shopping experience. The consumers go from one store to the other with ease. You can drive from one store to the next picking up the things you need and bypassing what you don’t need. The layout was specifically designed to fit as multiple stores in a small amount of space as possible so consumers can’t just go to one store without passing another that might have something they would want.
While shopping centers are a place I like to avoid because of the overcrowding and mainstream stores, it is nice to have everything, for the most part, close by to make getting the things you need or want leisurely. But, why do we feel we have to go into these stores and buy these things that we really don’t need? It makes one question why we give into a market that just wants us to buy, buy, and buy. And because shopping is constantly being reinvented, what is next? In the future, are actual stores going to close and all shopping will be done online?


One response to ““shopping has become inescapable”

  1. In Greenville South Carolina, we have the same kind of one stop shopping centers that are located conveniently within the center of the town. One in particular, Shops At Greenridge offers anything from pet supply stores to grocery stores all within one condensed area. Here you can park your car once and walk to each destination purchasing everything you desire or need. As a population our culture and economy thrives on materialism and shopping forcing us to step away from traditional craftsmanship. We are completely reliant on these superstores and markets and continue to need and want the newest boots or the latest iphone or ipad because our society has become highly persuasive within advertising and marketing.

    Kyle Sanders

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