Shopping & Lifestyle

Tracing back to the history of shopping in comparison to what is shopping in today’s society we are able see how far the idea of consumerism has changed. In the reading by Sharon Zukin, she discusses these changes in shopping & public life and how values of goods have changed as the capitalism and mass production have taken over the world. Shopping used to be more of a personal experience between the buyer and the seller who is also the producer of the product to achieve the best quality products. The experience of touching and tasting and trying the product through the seller results what is considered the best exchanged. This type of life style in shopping has pretty much disappeared all around the world because we purchase products based on prices, basis of brand names or advertisement. Shopping has become more of an economic movement especially in the United States. We have abandoned the traditional role and have moved over to mass production in overseas disregarding the actual quality of the products. As the power of branding and advertisement took over the consumer world we are bound by their constraints. One of the points made by Zukin that was interesting was the idea that shopping forces us both to take account of our place in society and to imaging what it would be like to rise above it. Shopping has become such a big role in terms of being or desire to belong into certain social class. We learn to like and want products from certain brand name since the younger age because that is what has dominated the consumerism culture and there is less and less concern and valuing the actual products. Internet shopping also has become a big part of consumer culture without any interaction between the products before purchasing through a screen. These changes brought to our lifestyle and the idea of shopping is inevitable with the changes in society and technology. But it is important to consider the quality and the personal experience of the product at least in my opinion. I like to experience the product before purchasing instead of just buying something for their name. As a designer these lifestyles of consumer culture and shopping is very important to value and consider.


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