When you first walk into Anthropologie your senses are immediately pleased. From the very beginning the store is set up to give you a pleasurable experience. An attendant is placed at the very entrance just to say hello, they do not follow you around or force you to look at clothes that yo do not want to look at. They just recognize you as a customer and as an individual entering their store. The store is filled with “homey” smells and the decoration is wooden and laid back. You immediately feel as if there should be a fireplace somewhere in the store. A sense of comfort envelopes the whole space. You feel like you are shopping at home. I can see why people like to shop there, the environment is very pleasing and you immediately feel comfortable. A customer feels like they can spend as much time as they want there. There is no pressure to shop, you shop at your own leisure, and I feel this is a store that is very successful with customer service for that very reason.


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