My chosen Space of Consumption is bebe. I went to the store with Kelseo because she wanted to go there and we had different opinions toward the space of the store. I have never been to any bebe store until tonight because I do not like feminine and sexy garments and the label “bebe” sounded too sexually appealing. Right before entering the space, I was very annoyed with trunks displayed on the show window. It reminded me of Louis Vuitton’s monogram trunks and I started to have negative thoughts toward the brand’s image and hesitated to enter the store. When I first entered the space, whole garments in the space looked like imitated designs from high end brands like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin. Also I automatically assumed that the brand’s targeted customers are young ladies who love to wear sexy and sophisticated clothes as what I expected. I felt the strong “taste” of the brand just simply looking at each garments. I asked the cashier what kind of customer she sees in the store everyday and she said, “18 to 35 years old young, sexy, fashionable, social, and trendy ladies” but the customers I saw in the store were old ladies wandering around in training pants trying nice fur coats on them, then leaving the store carrying “bebe” shopping bag on their arm. That adrenaline was so striking, interesting, and confusing at the same time. The workers wore casual clothes from “bebe” and they looked like walking mannequins. Then I moved my eyes on to the interior as I walked around the space. The walls and ceilings were painted in white and lights were softly beaming through the space. When I think of term “bebe”, it reminds of strong and aggressive light beams with loud pop music. The music played in the space did not match to the whole interior which really bothered me. There were black columns with gold ornaments and rounded cushions around the column for tired shoppers. The trendy clothes and mannequins were neatly narrated all over the space. The narration of clothes seemed quite successful to win over the brand’s targeted customers’ hearts. I was quite sure that the clothes were designed for young sexy ladies’ social interacting purposes like going out to a party or having a nice dinner with her friends, but  I think the clothes were too trendy and fast fashioned which those mostly like might become fads next season. The interior of the space did not reflect the image of the brand. It would have been better if the whole space was painted in black and strong light beaming through the space to appeal young ladies.


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