Secondhand Clothing and End of life Cycle

As we have learned in the article “The sourcing of Secondhand Clothing” the supply and demand of used clothing is driven by image and fashion. Traditional Western clothing is purchased and shipped to the East and adapted to their culture. This is an interesting concept to me because many of use as well, probably assume that our clothing donations were actually being resold by organizations such as the Salvation Army. With the proceeds they receive from the reselling of the secondhand clothes I assumed they feed the poor. I never thought about the end of life cycle of clothing. I agree with the article when the author discusses the cycle of second hand clothing being a “win-win” with everyone involved. I think the resale of second-hand clothing to such places like Zambia is beneficial to the U.S. in so many ways. It completely eliminates the American consumers’ concerns with what to do with an article of clothing when it becomes completely unwearable and they are also helping those in need. If we can continue and prolong the life cycle of these articles of clothing then ultimately we can reduce the waste in our landfills as well as help the poor.
Kerry Manning


One response to “Secondhand Clothing and End of life Cycle

  1. hannahmooy

    this reminds me of the tom’s creator. for every pair of shoes purchased, he sends a pair to an under developed country in need of shoes for children. i think this is a great way to have countries and companies working together to recycle and create an ongoing cycle for the clothing so that we want to help out and buy the product.

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