Desire: Aldo

The space of consumption I’ve selected is ALDO, a worldwide chain of shoe and accessory stores. I’ve always been a fan of Aldo stores, and believe they target a good audience because they sell fashionable quality shoes for an appropriate price. The store itself is also set up very decently, unlike other shoe stores I’ve been to where I just feel overwhelmed without knowing where to begin, what to get or they just fail at properly exhibiting their products because they’re all cluttered together. Aldo also has a good reputation, which is probably one of the reasons I keep going back, other than the associates being helpful and I always end up getthing things that I actually need. The kind of social interactions you see within this store is people comfortably looking at the products and associates being helpful in recommending what kind of accessories would go with what you just purchased. The people that shop at Aldo desire to wear nice yet budget-friendly stylish shoes. Aldo is known to balance both of those aspects really well, I believe. So it’s become a store that I know I get a good experience at and good purchases from, personally. I believe you can never have too many shoes, especially being in the city. You need quality shoes for the different seasons, and I believe Aldo achieves this in helping its clients getting the latest trends for a reasonable price and it keeps them coming back for more.

Stephanie De Jesús


One response to “Desire: Aldo

  1. I completely agree with you:)i just luvv Aldo for shoes and bags:)hav linked ur post:)

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