Bag Man


Cracking Down on Fashion Fakes

This reading Bag Man by Larissa MacFarquhar was an interesting piece in terms of showing the realistic side of the fake goods markets in today’s culture. This reading focuses on the lawyer named Harley Lewin and his journey in approaching the industry of fake goods. This market in the past years has bloomed so incredibly, this market has become so familiar to the consumers from all over the world. We see vendors and stores carrying the items that look just like the high fashion goods; this market has advanced especially with the development of technology with online sales.

This reading shows the reality of the market and how things are being made and sold throughout the world. The idea of creating something fake and marketing those goods violating the rights of the authentic item has played such big part in the fashion industries. But in the end who is to be blamed for the system that has been created? The fake goods that are being made are copies of items that people want but it is not the most affordable items and because through fashion we feel the sense of belonging to a higher social statuses and self-satisfaction. What we wear and have is a big part of how we are viewed and defined and because our society has shifted into thinking this way the productions of fake cheap goods became about. The relationship between the authenticity and fake carries each other out in the fashion world. The desire to achieve certain images and social statuses are sometimes achieved by consuming fake goods.

From personal experience I have in contact with varieties of fake goods. And because my interest in design I wondered many times about this relationship between the name brands, authenticity and the consumer culture. There is no one party to blame or to judge but it is important to thinking about the ethics in the design field and keeping your mind conscious and open.


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