Filene’s Basement-Economy

Even before entering Filene’s basement there’s a sense of direction, for myself at least. I know where I’m going, I know there’s what seems to be three escaladers (just because one is massively long) I have to ride up, I know I have to pass DSW and the pumping music that is always playing on that floor. But when you pass the glass doors into Filene’s Basement there’s a relaxing feeling. Typically people are not running around but more so wandering and browsing to see what they find. It’s two stories, large, sometimes crowded racks within each different section that separates different types of garments, with many designers and brand names to choose from with a discounted price. I know for myself I do not like to be bothered when I shop and I never get bothered at Filene’s which is a plus. One is mostly free to browse and shop as they please. Its relatively quite but one can hear a few conversations going on here and there. The employees are nice; maybe not the nicest but enough to be pleased with. I chose the word Economy for Filene’s Basement because I think it can be a store for many age groups and different income groups. Of course ones not likely to see the high-class woman looking for a discounted Prada dress but middle class is definite. The store has items ranging from ten dollars to five hundred dollars and that’s just an estimate. Also with a broad range of items from tights, to watches, to shoes, to bags, and clothing. Overall for myself I always have a pleasant time browsing around Filene’s Basement.


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