Sustainability in the Fashion World

While reading “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing,” I immediately thought of the new sustainability fad that has been going on all around New York City and more specifically, our own school, Parsons. The reading reminded me that while different items come from different locations around the world, there are still places and people that make trade possible. For example: there are many organizations happening that are donating objects, clothing, a helping hand to under developed countries: they are giving and getting back. As I stated in a comment below: I was interested in Toms Shoes specifically. The owner of Toms shoes has an organization named “One for One,” which states that for every pair of shoes you buy, a pair is shipped to Argentina. This organization brings me to the next part of the article that I found interesting, when the author states that the supply and demand is becoming stronger based on fashion fads and “looks”. This to me rose attention because Toms “One for One,” has been around for many years now and it is just becoming popular because many people have seen Toms in the magazines and a trend has started. Also, the very trendy and stylish Olsen twins have taken part of Toms shoes and designed a pair that will also be sold and donated for children in Argentina.

When the author is discussing second hand clothing in well established charities in relation to how much clothing is actually kept and what is rejected I was reminded of a time that I dropped of quite a few items at a Salvation Army in Maryland. From what I understand, when you drop off items at a place like Goodwill or Salvation Army, you are receiving a Tax Return paper or something of the sort. This brings me back to my point of giving and getting back. You are letting go of the items you no longer want, but these places are taking in items they feel are acceptable. But what makes these items acceptable? Are they trends? Or is it merrily based on what is wearable? This also brings me to the point of whats one mans trash is another mans treasure. I believe that this article expresses the prolonged life of clothing and addresses how we can do so and what the charitable organizations are doing to help out. It’s the smaller organzations that often help the most, say for instance the people who are going to Haiti to help give objects to the families in need – we can help someone else by giving our used items or even new items that we have not used, and relinquish what we no longer need. Get rid of the clutter and recycle and reuse!


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