Waste & Value?

After readings, fast fashion mass market companies like H&M and Forever 21 initially appeared on my thought. Those mass market companies have great marketing strategy to sell people affordable clothes and youngsters can keep on track with the trend from what they bought from those brands. One major concerning thing about Forever 21 and H&M is that apparels are cheaply made for fast fashion and companies’ profit. Their customers wear their purchased items for a year and then purchase new trendy items in the next season. Most of them do not keep/cannot keep fad items in their wardrobes. It is wise choice for them to donate fads to thrift stores rather than just throwing clothes away even though the clothes are not given away to poor people. The readings issue the problems of charity companies but there are small charity associations donate free clothes and living products to low income families and hobos. When I lived in California, I often saw neighbors throwing garments away in the garbage along with wastes. There is no segregated garbage system in California unlike from how we segregate wastes in to categories here in New York. Rather than buying cheap fast fashion fad items, I prefer to shop better quality and shaped items and wear them for a decade or more. Of course, as a student, it is very understandable that people buy affordable clothes at fast fashion brands with low budget but I happen to see clothes from mass market are causing great amount of textile wastes.


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