Yewon Kang

Reading “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing” was very interesting. Before I read “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing”, I had no idea where the clothes that I threw away go. I just thought that the clothes are going charitable organization. I was surprising how the secondhand clothes make good revenue. According to the author, he/she said “international secondhand clothing trade might be considered a “win-win-win-win situation””. I really agree with the author. Even though some people thrown the used clothes and do not need anymore, some people may need the thrown clothes. Charitable organizations such as Goodwill industries and the Slbation Army make the used clothes valuable. They organize and categorize the secondhand clothes and make diverse trades according to use. While reading the “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing”, I was thinking how the used clothes are using in my hometown. There are many second hand shops but those are not exactly same from the stores in United States. They trade with different ways. The shop name is “Gugus” that sells luxurious used goods such as clothes accessories and shoes. The prices are also very expensive compare to the price of general used clothes because the luxury used goods are all brand goods. The shop sells used goods online and offline both. Also, the shops are chain so people easily access to the store from anywhere. The shop against the judgement that second hand goods are not luxury, have row quality and are cheap. Also, people who provide the luxury goods can deal with the shop. First, when people do not need luxury goods anymore, she/he makes the deal with the Gugus shop and they adjust the price. Even thought trade ways are different each in the world, it is obvious that there are many smart trades with the second hand clothing that seem have no profit.


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