Image- Sephora

I chose to visit was Sephora in Union Square.  As I walked in I was greeted by a friendly sales girl and the overwhelming fragrance of beauty products and perfumes. The layout allows customers to explore the variety of products that are displayed around the store. Each counter is divided by the brand of the product.The simple black and white decor immediately draws to attention the wide selection of colorful products. The enthusiastic and friendly sales associates and eager shoppers brings back a strange sense of familiarity. As I looked around I found many of the customers trying on makeup and either looking into the mirror or asking one of the sales associates or their friends how they look.The first word that popped into my mind was image because each of these women were looking for a way to transform themselves. Sephora allows its customers to do so simply because they have dozens of products, a makeover counter and staff that is familiar with beauty and skincare turning it into a successful space of consumption.


Adishree Singh


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