I chose to do my shopping study at Bebe, due to many reasons. This store to me is fascinating in it’s whole marketing and to the people they cater to. I walk in and immediately am astounded by the lights in the store, it is very lit up and everything seems very shiny, including the sales people. The girls are nice, they all look like bebe customers, and they all look at me smile and say hi how are you, to which i just respond with a smile and keep looking at things. I start noticing that everything in the store is very much skimpy or made for “going out”, either to dinner or to a club. This is definitely not a store for basics, but it might be basics to some people. The other fascinating view I noticed is their advertisements, the girls in the ad’s are thin and tall and white, and somewhat look chic, sometimes you wouldn’t even think it was Bebe, but then the women buying these clothes in the store are the complete opposite of the girls in the ad’s. This makes me think what are the opposites trying to buy, the unknown? The unknown in this case is SEX, and sex sells, and everyone wants to feel sexy, and I guess If I was a girl wearing really high heels and a short mini-dress would make me feel sexy as well, which is all of what Bebe sells and promotes, sex and feeling sexy.



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