The response to Warhol economy the creative a aspects of art fashion and music in new york city it talks about how geography play a major role in the economy, and the clubs, and galleries and music play a major role in the creative economy of NYC and how it works how some people thinks it all fun and cool but really it is a business. Artists and designer and entertainers all work in a related field where there creativity depends on each other.  Journalist, press, and reporters, critics, and experts make it all happen. The social life and people you meet out of luck makes it all happen in the urban economy. It talk about how Basquiat used to do graffiti on subways and how he ran into another popular pop artist at the time which was Andy Warhol who helped him get exposure and connections with galleries and his career took off because the social elites valued what they seen his works some of his paintings were so expensive like $20,000 for a picture. These painting of unique graffiti and French African style become a commodity apart of an urban economy because of the value it was given. This example shows how the city works and how art drive the city. I think about entertainers and fashion designers and how people are driven to buy a particular fashion because a music entertainer like Beyoncé wore it. This is a flash back of how fashion started in Bryant Park and now it so big it requires big open venues for music and advertisement art and models and celebrities and over a thousand guests, film producers, buyers and the public press and so on to make their fashion show. And the first thing they use to make the show seem interesting to the consumers or press is the poplar celebrities seating on the front row at the fashion shows to give value to the fashion they are trying to market and sale.  review this idea by looking at the relation with high end designers and celebrities like Thierry Mugler and Lady Gaga. It’s all-apart of a creative economy. I think about art and fashion I review Donna Karen’s recent fashion show, which is influence by and Haitian artist Philippe Dodard. Donna Karen has been in relation and communication with Haiti in her visits and connection with Haitian artist and even WY clef Jean a Haitian – American music icon. This shows how fashion is marketed on fresh ideas and taste. It is design and art and music and all of that that gives culture to both masses and niche markets. This creativity would not exist with the social world.



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  1. I also agree that fashion when worn by entertainers or celebrities, such as Beyonce, make people more inclined to go out and buy whatever they need to dress just like them. It ties in with the ‘creative economy’ commonly used in fashion. Celebrities act as walking advertisements for designers by informing the public with new trends and trying to persuade them to go out and buy what there wearing, which brings in a lot of business. The media, music, and celebs all aid in fashion and its publicity.

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