What Barney’s and Abercrombie and Fitch have in common

What really drew me into Low Pay, High Profile by Andrew Ross was the idea that Barney’s had to use their workers as models in their “Seven on seventeenth” show. Barney’s was financially in a bad situation therefore they needed a way to bring people’s attention to the store in hopes that sales would go up and they would also have the communities support. Stores sometimes do crazy things to get peoples attention and one that has a similar concept to Barney’s is Abercrombie and Fitch.
The other day, my teacher was talking about how annoying it was the other day because she was walking by Abercrombie and Fitch and there was a line around the block and she wondered, “Why are these people waiting in line to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?” I also thought the same thing when she was telling us the story because the store is declining as a business, and their clothing aesthetic is out of style because it is the same thing from the store every season. Their oversized logos, typical polo, denim, and khaki style has gotten old for most people, so why the long line? Male models wearing barely any clothing. Abercrombie was using their workers, just like Barney’s, to model for them and letting the public take pictures and meet them. This gives the consumer the feeling of being a part of the brand because their are getting to met someone who models for them. The men were toned and had their shirts off and the women, and gay men were ecstatic to be in line to get a picture. Abercrombie was selling more sex and Barney’s was selling more to the idea that Barney’s specializes in men’s wear.
The concept that Barney’s and Abercrombie and Fitch have is smart in order to get consumers into a store. If the clothes are not selling then i guess the best thing to do is have your workers put on a show! Men and women were afterwards walking out with big bags of clothing which reveals that Abercrombie and Fitch are still around because of the sexual style of the campaigning. Barney’s workers were united with Barney’s and willing to do anything to keep the company afloat and they did just that. Ross points out that “. . .it is the workers who truly represent the company: “We are Barney’s! We are Barney’s!” ” which shows the amazing support a company can have from it’s workers. Would you support the company you worked for if they were having financial problems? Do you think it is right for a company to use their workers for campaign reasons?


One response to “What Barney’s and Abercrombie and Fitch have in common

  1. I agree with your opinion in terms of similarity of selling sex. If you literally interpreted it, it is similiar. However their purpose of selling sex was different. Abecrombie was selling sex just to advertise their products but Barney’s was selling it to convey their idea.
    They brought the gay culture as local subculture to bring the public attention where the company locates. Also they did not say “We are Barneys!” to show their support to the company. It was to tell people that the workers represent Barneys. Not the management.
    The workers of Barneys were engaged in political gesture to get back their rights as workers because the company was in financial problem.(there were no choice)
    It does not mean I dont want to see the hot male models at the entrance of Abecrombie lol. I would like to see them, but I am saying that their purpose of selling by Abecrombie is just shallow trick to sell their garments. So their using of sex are completely different in terms of purpose.

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