Fashion Geography

I was interested to learn through Goffman’s piece that Front includes much, much more than the performer. To know that geography and those participating and accepting the performance are included in the Front as well. It think back to last week’s readings about NYC and how the artist population contributes to the fashion industry by engaging in weekly celebration. Fashion culture, for the most part, completely depends on setting in order to create characters that fit the ideas encompassed in garments. I can’t help but think about Fashion Month and the weekly rotation of shows between New York, London, Milan and Paris (can’t forget the emerging cities of Stockholm, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo either!). Each city has a totally different aesthetic and culture, and we see the fashion cultures reflected accordingly. In my own experience going to Fashion Week here in NYC, I’ve noticed that a lot of what the industry demands is social marketing. Everyone parties after every show in order to better understand the brand’s audience and simultaneously show that to certain people in the press. These parties (which normally insist upon copious amounts of alcohol to liven things up) force people into their performed identities while everyone compliments each other on what one can arguably see as their Personal front whether it’s their style or a piece that they donned just to express who they are and tell a story. I’m rambling, but I can definitely say that Goffman is telling nothing but the truth about the performances we can’t really help but put on for the world. In fashion, I believe these performances are necessary and define not only who we are as individual participants in the industry, but the niche cultures that make up Fashion as a whole.


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