Body Image

This is partly in response to the original reading taken from “The Fashion Reader” not to confuse anyone who did not read this before the assigned readings were changed.

All these readings bring me back to the thought about how no matter which culture, everyone is self conscious about some thing having to do with their own body. In American culture, the re-occuring dream about standing naked in a big crowd is one that brings embarrassment and anxiety to a person. In the Kayato culture, an embarrassing moment would be standing in a crowd with an erection for a teenage boy. So many cultural ideas are created from covering the body in a way to represent wealth, status or a deeper meaning. In both American and Kayato culture, how one is dressed can represent wealth. This idea also stems from ancient times when wealthy men, kings, were adorned in colors and fabrics representing power and money. Today this can be identified by the designer or label that someone is wearing. Different fabrics can also have different representations though, statins and silks represent luxury and money while rubbers and leather, which has become popular, represents bondage and sexuality.

Everyone had that embarrassing naked dream and yet the way people dress recently is usually in attempts to be sexual and attractive towards others. If people focused less on how others viewed them in what they wore maybe people would feel more comfortable in their own skin. In the Kayato culture, based on your age, or wealth people are able to judge you by what clothes you are wearing or simply by how long or short your hair is. People should be able to wear whatever they want or wear their hair however they want not based on how much money they have in their pocket. While walking on the street, people in New York City should not be able to judge one another simply by the clothes on someone’s back. Just because someone is not wearing a designer label dows not say anything about their personality or integrity. I believe that because of this judgmental society we live in people create insecurities and negative feelings about themselves. The thought of being perfect and looking acceptable in society is a huge burden to carry. Even though it is a stretch to believe, the world could be such a more accepting and non-judgmental place if what you wore didn’t characterize who you are. This re-occuring dream that most people experience of standing in a crowd naked maybe would not bring so much anxiety to most people if we weren’t always being judged depending on what kind of clothes we choose to wear.


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