Plastic Surgery Vacation


2 responses to “Plastic Surgery Vacation

  1. This honestly sounds like the worst idea for a vacation. What I never understood about people going abroad for plastic surgeries because if you go home, even after you are completely healed, what if there are complications? Yes, you would be able to find a doctor in the United States but, something about not having the doctor that did the procedure would worry me even more. A part of me wondered what if this was a cruise after the video mentioned the different packages that were being set up by travel companies. You have a cruise of South America, end up Brazil, get you surgery there, and then heal up on the boat as you sail back. And the boat could come complete with medical staff that would help with the recovery. Honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t already though of that.

  2. ericdanko

    It is amazing to see that the body, an object, has become something much more than just how we can change it, but more so, how one plans a vacation, a time to relax the body, into a time to reform the body into a new state. We have become obsessed with how we look, in the society today if we do not like something about ourselves, we change it, either by covering it up with makeup, or clothing, even plastic surgery. However, this idea of planning a vacation and plastic surgery as a “package deal” has taken this to a new level. In a cultural society were fashion designers and marketing firms are pushing images on us of what we should aspire to look like, be like, and act like, is simply unattainable. However, to others that want this, will do anything to achieve this muse look. In a society where we pride ourselves for being an individual, on being different from the rest, it almost turns itself on its head when these men and women are booking this package deals to transform themselves into a plastic self. Understandable that the women in the video just got a breast augmentation, however where is the line, and is there a line? Are these “package deals” crossing the line?

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