As I read the journal by Alexander Edmonds on the enormous plastic surgery industry and how it is view as a treatment or even a cure to low self-esteem. As a result of this common belief, plastic surgeries are paid for by Catholic charities as well as Federal funding in a time where their public healthy care system is in many ways failing. Also, the private practices of plastic surgery are found everywhere, even in poor communities because to have ‘simple surgeries’ is a sign as middle class. Although in Brazil, the middle class is the minority among social classes. Often times these surgeries are to make the patient meet social standards to better fit and society.

This reminded me of a short documentary I saw about double eyelid surgery in China. At this point, the market has been made into a production line and is often is a tenth or even twentieth of the cost it would be in the United States. The patient go into the clinic, fill out some paper work, wait in a long line, and then go in for surgery that day. No consolation, not meant a doctor prior. Many Chinese are opting to get this surgery is fit the more western standards of beauty and this reminded me so much of the woman, Naci, who wanted to get rhinoplasty after loosing her job. Then her nose was described as an ugly ‘negroid nose’. That the standards of beauty seem to be more based on race rather than actual shapes of the body. And this I feel breaks the Brazilian idea that beauty is accessible, even to the pour, because it is unrealistic to change someone’s natural origins through surgery to fit in.


2 responses to “Plástica

  1. What do you think about founding plastic surgery? Do you think it ok? Don’t you think it might be encouraging people to get plastic surgery or threatens class barriers like Alexander Edmond said?
    Also what do you mean by western standards of beauty ?
    A lot of Asian gets surgery to cut off their cheekbone to make their face more like shape of egg. But huge celebrities like Natalie Portman become beauty icon by her cheekbone. Why do you think each nation have different view of beauty? Do you think it media?

    Ps- If someone offers you free plastic surgery would you do it? If you would which part you want to be done?

  2. Yes, when I think that it is offered for free/low cost and is perceived as a higher class procedure, people are far more likely to do it. It seems to be socially acceptable in Brazil and Brazilians seem to take pride in being the plastic surgery capital of the world.

    I think the media controls what the overall view of beauty is and that changes with time. Often, it changes when an icon celebrity ore model comes a long. I think the best example is after Twiggy, who is naturally petite, came along the desire for Monroe curves seemed to end. But the idea of beauty changes more than just the desire for a particular body shape, a new trend of having gap teeth, like Georgia Jagger. And causing some people to look for methods that would gap their teeth. I do think that most modern countries fall for whatever is promoted as a current beauty. It all depends on how much of media is national or international that morphs the countries ideas on beauty. But of course beauty is subjective and will stay that way.

    One of my dear friend has a breast augmentation about a year years ago to bring her A cups to a full B cup. At the same time her mother went into to have her implants replaces since they were about ten years old. My friend did mention to me once that she was getting them to raise her self esteem. But she is already gorgeous by most people’s standards: petite, naturally blonde, with blue eyes, high cheek bones, etc. I was a bit worried she might end up looking top heavy because of how small she is. Soon after getting her breast augmentation she casually asked me if I would go in and get a nose job together. Then we could have recover time together. She already priced it out and found a good doctor. But what concerned me was how relaxed she asked me and how she assumed I would do it with her. Honestly, I am to scared to get plastic surgery. Even if it was offered to me for free. I have heard too many horror stories of people not begin happy with their surgery, complications, and even in some cases the elective surgeries can be fatal. But, if I’m honest I am more worried of being less happy with my nose after surgery that dying. Maybe that’s how vain I am or influenced by the media to be pretty or hopefully it is just because of the low fatality rate it doesn’t seem that much of an issue.

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