proper plastic surgery

When I sew the title “The poor have the right to be beautiful”, it really sounds interesting. In Brazil, the poor can easily access to having plastic surgery. As people have desired beauty, more and more people want to have plastic surgery. However, everyone cannot get plastic surgery because having a plastic surgery is expensive and no insurance. Naturally, the poor cannot get the right of beauty. The people who can access to having plastic surgery are celebrities or the rich. They get operation very commonly. For the reason, the rich can get beauty also like luxury bags but the poor cannot get beauty. I have question why plastic surgery is not applied insurance because most ugly people have mental problems with their appearance. They tend to be shy and have low self esteem. Their mental problem comes from their appearance. If someone has big complex with he/her appearance then the complex cause big mental illness, she/he should get out from her complex. If she/he not able to access to plastic surgery because of poverty, government should expend medical insurance coverage to plastic surgery. I know one person who got plastic surgery. She had big complex with her eyes because her eyes are so small. In Korea, big eyes are regarded as beautiful eyes. Her complex causes her mental illness so when someone looks at her in street, she thought that people look at her because she is so ugly. Finally, her mother made her get plastic surgery. After her operation, she can get confidence and self esteem. She became outgoing. Seeing her changes, I thought transition of appearance treatment mental illness. It is obvious that there are many people who are poisoned by plastic surgery and plastic surgery causes many problems, proper plastic surgery can be one way of getting out of complexes.


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