The Plastica Life

Alexander Edmond’s article “The Poor have the right to be beautiful” not only struck me as interesting but reiterated information I had heard little about. I have learned from various articles that Brazil had become the plastic surgery capital of the world but I didn’t realize that it was accessible to women and men that did not have the funds to cover the medical procedure. I feel as though anyone and everyone should be entitled to feel good but I do not necessarily agree that plastic surgery is the answer. It was interesting to note that even the surgeons are supporting plastica and that they felt strongly that the poor should have access to it. For me it seems to go against the norm for us to think that beauty is free, when we know it isn’t. To be honest, I feel as though with how fashion and beauty are portrayed today in our society its hard not to believe that models are the ‘real’ people. Women, especially women interested and surrounded in fashion are pumped everyday by seeing advertisements and fashion editorials of extremely over dramatized, tall, super slender women portrayed as ‘goddesses’. If you start to examine photographs such as  this one of Kate Moss shot by Mario Testino you can see that in order to elongate the model the position of the camera is lowered down and pointed upwards. This allows the viewer to not only feel as though they are looking up at another woman who is wearing make up and expensive clothes but it allows the viewer to believe that she is idolized. From this moment on men and women start to believe that this is how we should look and this is what is accepted and also that this is the standard for beauty. It is no wonder why women around the world feel as though they need to have surgery to change the way they were created in order to feel like the povao ‘the common people’.  It was interesting to note within the article that not only did patients wait in line for numerous years to receive free surgery but that the surgeons allow themselves to fall in love with the physical form he/she creates, even though it may not be what the patient asked for. Upon further reading this article I couldn’t help but think about the commercial that Dove created called “Evolution”. I was hard to believe that they were able to take a regular looking woman and transform her into a superficial character. This was an advertisement created in order to portray the idea of natural beauty with its imperfections transformed into ‘retouched glamour’. It really is no wonder how our perceptions of beauty have been distorted.


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