Beauty Myth

Beauty Myth by: Naomi Wolf

After reading Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, I thought to myself, although I don’t really want to admit it, there are times where I do consider my standards are not met. Although I don’t think that I am obese, I do feel that I do meet the current  body standards, and my family has been teasing  me about gaining a lot of weight. Yes, I am short compared to most of the people, but I never really felt bad because I always knew that there would be and have seen shorter people. But, having to think that I do not “look right” compared to what the “standards” are, seems like another way to bring oneself down. Also, the thought that it is “okay” that I am a certain way because there is someone worse than me. What really defines worse? Why do so many people, men and women, have to go to extreme measures in order to obtain a look that media portrays? The scariest part is, although I know that I don’t have to follow the “standards of beauty”, but I always go back to the big list and note the parts I could work on, such as weight. I think it is okay for me to watch my weight and eat healthy for my health, but not in order to obtain a certain look.



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