ideal beauty

the Beauty Myth by written by Naomi Wolf discusses about ideal beauty and how women are tying to get the perfect beauty. the beauty always desired by women regardless of age. women always want to be younger, thinner and prittier without end. even though they are pretty enough, women thoughts they should be more beautiful because all media shows us a perfect body and a perfect face like a model. only few people meet the perfect ideal level of beauty because the ideal beauty in women’s mind is extremely pretty or beautiful, therefore no one may not be ideally beautiful. since women want to have perfect body and face they always suffer eating disorder, breast enlargement operations and spend a lot of money for anti-aging cosmetics or get  a facial Botox injection. desire for ideal beauty, not a few people suffer from anorexia. I know someone who suffered from anorexia. She was a little bit chubby but it was not look bad. when she went to college, she started to not eat food because she want to be extremely thin like a model. when she go to restaurant with her friends, she did not eat or if she ate something, she went to restroom and threw up. she was going thinner but her health was destroyed. she got a gastroenteric trouble so she did not eat anymore. if she eat something, she has indigestion. Finally, she became extremely thin but it looked not pretty anymore. her parents noticed her problem and tried to treat her anorexia. however, her stomach was in very bad situation so her stomach can not be cured perfectly. now, she still can not eat well because of indigestion dyspepsia.i think being beauty or getting beauty themselves are not bad but when women want to be extremely beautiful, it causes problems because no one can not get the ideal beauty.


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