The Substance of style BY Virginia Postrel

How the Rise of Aesthetics value is remaking Commerce, culture, and consciousness



Postrel talks about the strategy and business in the age of aesthetics. When I read this article it reminds me of my life as and they way I perceive the American looks and ways of life, living in a free society. I think about aesthetics as looks and feels. I know that when I go shopping for something, it is because I want to create difference, I want to have my own identity, I want to express the freedom of choice, and so I buy because I like it.

“We are by nature deep biologically natural visual, tactile creatures,” –David brown

In this quotes brown simple restates the fact that aesthetic pleasure is a human instincts for sensory appeals.

To touch, to have more choices, and more responsibility is the key essentials for aesthetic remaking commerce, culture, and consciousness. People today use style to expression identity, to create the space around them to make it special to themselves. This is the ideal American culture for which we have democratized taste, made the way we live essential for growth and creativity. This shows that consumers’ dictates aesthetic choice, because it is pleasing to them, it is because they like it. And there comes the idea that fashion has meaning, that appearance have a meaning, looks are not to impress but they are for aesthetic pleasure. People shop for looks that sells, because style is is aesthetic life in which quality and price maybe the same but the taste varies depending on the person.

Beauty is now proclaimed as being at of a universal human nature…”-Washington post

It’s all about personal identity, and the freedom of choice. As a consumer we demand sensory appeals, because we can personalize them make them our own. In the readings Postrel makes it clear just because something is sensual appealing doesn’t mean it takes away from its function or the quality of the substance. She makes a clear point that aesthetic is more persuasive based on look and feel in today’s society opposed to being restricted to a social, or economic or an elite.

When I think about the afghan woman who styled her hair and painted her nailed to celebrate liberation of Kabul. I think of how fashion and style represents freedom, because life in a free society like America individual have that choice to make themselves beautiful, to make the world around them look and feel beautiful according to there own aesthetic sensibilities.


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