MODELS ugly pretty

I found this weeks’ readings very interesting. The fist think that came to mind while reading the Mears piece was a term coined in the fashion industry as “ugly pretty.” This seems to me, unfathomable but i think that it also describes how beauty is subjective. Beauty is cultural, agist, abstract, biased, instinctive and personal. Models are depicted through this reading as leading difficult lives in industry because becoming a super star seems few and far between. Mears discusses how the richer get richer idea applies here because once one influential member of the fashion community feels that one particular model has the “look” they are in. But as Mears states that model may not actually have anything that the other girls don’t. I do not think that this is fair it is just how the industry works, beauty will always be subjective. I admire the author’s determination to enter into the world of a working model after she had left once before. I cannot imagine the tole it takes on ones lifestyle being a model. I think that models are fed a slew of contradictions they are to be skinny but not to skinny, pretty but not too pretty. I think it is also interesting how the author goes through the modeling process with the intention that she is doing it in the name of sociological research but she actually finds it hard to abandon modeling all together. So what is it about models that make us so enticed?

(as seen in Vogue China)


One response to “MODELS ugly pretty

  1. eunyoungcho

    I agree with you that the beauty has to do with a person’s cultural aesthetic and his or her expression. But looking at images of Sun FeiFei you posted, as an Asian, I want to admit that all Chinese models have an identical “look” which gives me a clear idea that China is appealing their cultural image to western countries. The four big fashion capital finds Sun FeiFei as very unique mask but I find the her look very familiar because in Asian countries, majority of cat walk models have identical look: no double eye lids on their eyes and thin body.

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