The Beauty Myth continues….

Naomi Wolf explains within her text, “The Beauty Myth,” how the many images that are placed in the public eye within today’s society negatively affect women and how they view themselves. In the 1990’s, pornography, the use of preteen models in major ad campaigns, and the heroine chic style all heavily influenced how women judged the way they looked. The media popularized thin bodies, large breasts, and blond hair forcing young women to view the women on the covers of magazines as ideal forms of beauty when in reality they stand as symbols of bulimia, anorexia, and a everything that stands against the healthy natural state of beauty. From this, women desired to look like the emaciated figures in Calvin Klein ad campaigns and completely suffered for the so desired new form of beauty. With anorexia being the biggest killer of American teenage girls, it is completely obvious that the media, the models, and their weightless figures are killing off young girls everyday. Naomi states within the text,

“Disordered eating, which was undertaken to fit a disordered ideal, was one of the causes of the disease, and not necessarily, as popular opinion of the day held, a manifestation of an underlying neurosis. Women were have been so persuaded and convinced that the ideal form of beauty is that of the Vogue or Harpers Bazaar model that they are willing to undergo whatever it takes to achieve the thin emaciated appearance of the fashion model. While these images from the media have clearly been the main cause of the problem, many people in society have tried to convince these young girls that their problem with anorexia or bulimia comes from a psychological disorder, parenting problems, or a disease. So not only have these girls felt fat, but also now they probably feel psychologically insane, improperly raised by their parents, and diseased. With every women naturally being a specific weight and containing their own healthy size, it is scary to think that many of the women today are drastically dropping below this natural state and further inviting into their system many health problems and concerns that could be life threatening.

Is it really worth your life to be as thin as Kate Moss or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Is it really worth the time, money, self-destruction, and emotional deterioration that becoming socially beautiful within the popular world of the media today? If magazines, tv shows, and other forms of mass media continue to popularize an unnatural state of beauty imagine what the future message will be to young girls everywhere. Eating disorders and self destruction will start at an earlier age and become even more of a problem than ever before.



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