The Beauty Myth

I love reading about topics concerning the ideal beauty, especially in today’s society. Women are constantly exposed to seeing these ‘perfect’ bodies and faces of models, leading them to pick out the flaws with in themselves because they don’t look like ‘them’.  It’s a very relatable for everyone, including myself, because at some point in time you probably looked at someone and said, “ I wish I could look like her”, or “I wish I could have a body like hers”. It’s so common and sad that people are always comparing themselves and cant’ just look in the mirror and feel that they are beautiful as is.


“Women have always suffered for beauty”, a quote from Plato’s Symposium.

An example of this would be breast implants, which Wolf discussed. Women wanted ‘the perfect breast’ and were granted that wish with surgery that inserted silicone implants into there body, which were harmful.  Also, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia to helped women obtain the ideal body shape and weight.  These eating disorders can become so serious that they become fatal.

I agreed with Wolf’s point in stating that women have the right to choose what they look like and not be influenced by the media and such. I feel that if the media and magazines put more full figured and everyday women in ad’s or shows, then there would be less pressure put on women to fit the ‘ideal’. Not saying that all women feel pressured, but it would help the ones that are.



– An ad for Dove, none of the women’s body’s were edited. I thought it was a great ad that pertained to the topic.


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