Point of buying



Shoppers Spent As Much on H&M Lanvin As They Might Have on Real Lanvin


On Saturday, Lanvin’s H&M collection went on sale in 24 stores across the country. More than 300 shoppers had lined up at the H&M on Fifth Avenue in New York when Alber Elbaz pulled up in his town car to make sure there was a line. “I can’t believe it. I was sure there would be no one. I was a bit panicked,” he said, watching from the security of his car rather than going in where he didn’t want to cause a Kim Kardashian–esque riot. At least one shopper, Peter Park from Flushing, waited thirteen hours to get into the store. Naturally, standing out in the cold for this long could lead anyone to do crazy things.

Nicole Eng, a 27-year-old graphic designer, said, “It was this collection that really introduced me to Lanvin.” Eng ended up spending $1,700 on Lanvin (Hearts) H&M. She said it was ‘’the most I’ve ever spent in my life.’’

Even not wholly satisfied customers forked over a paycheck or more.

Caitlin, who declined to give her last name, said the quality was good, but the sizes “itsy bitsy.” She still managed to spend $1,800.

And amid the frenzy, controlled by a wristband admittance system to prevent overcrowding, there were the touching moments that could only conclude a Lifetime movie, like this one:

Most shoppers didn’t hold back. Wensen Ho, a 30-year-old who works in advertising, spent around $3,000 buying virtually every item from the women’s assortment for his wife. “She is pregnant and can’t be here, so I am doing a run,” he said.


One response to “Point of buying

  1. eunyoungcho

    Recently, the first sale of Versace and H&M was exactly like last year’s Lanvin and H&M’s collabo sale. The article mentions a young woman spending over 1500 dollars for total items she purchased. Compared to Lanvin’s Preta-Porte (ready to wear) prices which coats cost from $1500 to $4000, it is much affordable for us to buy. When Versace’s collabo ad with H&M was out, it drove people in a tizzy. Why? Because a leather coat for the mass retailer sold for $400. These are not H&M prices. Previous collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Victor and Rolf, and Stella McCartney were much affordable than recent collaborations like Comme Des Garcons, Lanvin, and Versace. The price is getting higher and people’s DESIRE for wanting luxury clothes with cheaper prices is increasing since they cannot afford real luxury goods. But it’s problematic that clothes were made in H&M quality.

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