The Poignant Legal Issues About Children Fashion Models

This is a very interesting issue with the Fashion Industry. Check it out!




One response to “The Poignant Legal Issues About Children Fashion Models

  1. silvianicoletti

    I’ve been fascinated with this topic for a while now. Considering that one of my favorite books is Lolita I’ve always found this topic to be extremely interesting in a very sad way. Our perception of things has been so twisted by fashion photographs that men can barely even be blamed for being attracted to younger women/girls anymore as the girls portrayed in magazines to look 25-27 are actually ranging from the ages of 13 to 17 most of the time. The article that I will be bringing in to class tomorrow has to do with a different branch of this topic.. toddlers and tiaras.

    The photograph on the cover says it all really.. however within the article is an additional touch, comments from the girls and mothers in the competition. I continue to ask myself what these women went through our how twisted their vision is that they cannot see what they are truly asking their daughters to do. They are setting them up on a very narrow path with no choice but to go down with a face full of make up that will make their skin sag by the time they reach their teens. Ironic how women complain about how girls are being portrayed and disgusted with the female gaze.. while it is thanks to many other women that this is possible and only continues to grow more popular.

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