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The world’s most popular male model is not only modeling men’s wear but is also modeling women’s wear. He is known for his androgyny, modeling for designers like Marc Jacobs and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Showing off his talent in both the women’s and men’s wear. Andrej is a chameleon of sorts pertaining to his talents. At the young age of only seventeen years old Andrej was trying to get by like every other high school student in Australia. He worked at a local McDonalds to earn some money and on what he thought was a regular day he was discovered by a talent scout that happened to run inside for a quick lunch.
Andrej has the body type to be ideal for both men and women fashion models. The ideal of having the same model for both lines made designers want him as their model. In this interview Juju Chang finds out about his modeling career and where he stood on his sexuality and his gender preference.
Andrej Pejic has a unique look and it does not concern me whether he is a man or woman or a transgender. In Juju Chang’s interview, I feel that she is questioning his gender preference more than anything, when she should be interviewing him as a successful model. It is amazing how well Pejic is making a name for himself in the modeling industry and it gives transgenders an opening to the fashion world.
Today, people want are interested in knowing what someone’s sexual preference is and/or their gender, and Pejic is one who does not want to be defined as one or the other, he just wants to be himself. Why do we care wherther some one is a man or woman? Why do we have to know whether they are this and that?
This brings me to thinking about how clothing is segregated into men’s and women’s sections. Is this just mainstream culture that is keeping gender this way? It would be interesting to see more lines that are unisex and play with the ideas of unknown gender.


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  1. I love the idea of male and female models being able to cross into the realms of their opposite sex. This not only offers more work for the model and variety for the designer but also promotes the idea of acceptance within the world of the lesbian, gay, transgender, and transexual community. The images that models like Andrew produce are extremely interesting and catch the viewer at surprise. If you have the look i don’t see why it matters whether you are male or female. As long as you are selling the brand, representing the company, and contributing positively to the over all artistic essence of the project then your doing the job right.

    Kyle Sanders

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