I found this ar…


I found this article in The New York Times Style Magazine (Design Fall 2011). The photograph is of three individuals Anna Lindgren, Sofia Lagerkvist, and Charlotte Von der Lancken. Together they are the design team “Front”. Pictured with the designers is a couch they have designed which actually appears to look more like a bench, but this is an illusion. The clothes as well as the sofa in the picture appear to have a wood veneer finish but are actually printed textiles. I believe that these designers are trying to make a statement on our world’s resources. Rather than cutting down a tree, they feel that recreating the visual qualities of the wood on a textile is much more environmentally friendly. Aside from the visual qualities of this piece they have now made a comfortable sofa rather than a not necessarily as comfortable bench if this piece were actually made from two slabs of wood. As a product designer I feel as though, in this photo, these designers are attempting to bridge the gap between fashion design and product design. At first glance, I thought that the clothing and the furniture where all part of one collection but actually they are wearing pre fabricated clothing. I think that the fact that they did not design the clothing they are wearing furthers the movement that they have contributed to, being this wood veneer cloth. This is an example of how furniture and clothing can evoke trends within one another. The design process can be applied to a variety of objects, they all relate in this way. I feel as though when you are designing for any field, whether it be clothing, buildings, lighting, furniture or accessories the same considerations are taken into account. When designing anything the creator thinks about aesthetics, longevity, quality, quantity, manufacturing processes no matter the object being created. All areas of design relate to one anther whether they are physically a part of our bodies, an object we physically interact with, or an environment created by a variety of objects in a space.



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