The Evolution of Beauty


6 responses to “The Evolution of Beauty

  1. I think Photoshop become huge part in fashion industry by creating fantasize and presenting ideal beauty. However fashion industry lies to public by using too much Photoshop. Do you think Photoshop is helpful to fashion industry? Or do you think Photoshop isn’t helpful to fashion industry? And also what is your ideal beauty? Do you think Photoshop made her beautiful in natural way or just beautiful plastic?

  2. hannahmooy

    Eric, I love this video. Classic misinterpretation of what the media thinks that beauty is today. It was interesting to see a video with the photoshop process instead of the end process being displayed. It reminds me of a show that used to air, cannot remember the name for the life of me, but it displayed women naked on a bilboard where the host of the show proceeded to ask strangers what they thought of the women on the bilboard. Anyways, the misconceptions of the female “ideal,” body is currently causing women to belittle themselves and create a great deal of stress and low self-esteem on the women of the 21st century. I am happy to see that there are men that are concerned with this issue and not just the average female (i’m talking, the female who isn’t a size 0-2 or 5’11). I’d be interested in seeing more models and fashion icons taking a stand in saying “this isn’t what a normal woman should look like.”

  3. stephaniedjesus

    This campaign for Dove addresses how destructive advertising can be when it creates false perceptions of beauty among girls, boys, women and men worldwide each day. It makes a powerful statement in its 75 seconds: No one should believe that any photograph on a magazine cover, billboard, or other advertisement is real and authentic. Girls look to magazine’s all the time for what they want to look like. The people in these magazines are their role models. How can they be role models when they’re not even real? What is thought of as “pretty” is completely fabricated. There is nothing wrong with any of these girls in their non-photoshopped pictures. Society is so crazed to look “beautiful” they will go to any lengths to achieve it. This advertising / media literacy campaign by Dove is smart on their part. The messages of the campaign are important and needed. The intent and result of this campaign is to promote positive self-esteem for girls and young women.

  4. I think this video does a really good job demonstrating all of the behind the scenes that go on behind making an advertisement. Today, the advertising industry flaunts large billboards and tv commercials with models looking 100% perfect all the time everyday and it is practically impossible to escape them. The Dove campaign does a really good job showing everyone what it takes to look like these advertisements and that there is a LOT of digital manipulation behind them and that not everything you see is real. It is too bad that the advertising industry has such a strong hold over most people. Everyone is made differently and I think there should be more advertisements about ‘loving the skin your in’.

  5. I loved watching this video. Its crazy how much manipulation is done to the models face for an ad or jus anything being viewed by the public. Why even bother using that model, if so many changes are going to be done? They might as well find someone with the look they want thats natural to save time in the editing process, rather than adjusting and fixing someones face to achieve what there ideal ‘beauty’ is. I would love to see a bunch of before and after photo’s that have been edited for magazines. I think it’d be so interesting and probably shocking to see the amount of changes done.

  6. This video is a complete and total eye opener to the reason why so many individuals have body issues and insecurities today. People really don’t look like the images in magazines and on billboards and i feel that this video really does reveal that truth to the public. With the advances in technology, magazine editors have used this to create the ideal body image consisting of perfect flawless skin, thin bodies, and a perfect tone. People do not look like this in real life and its perfectly clear from this video that the models within these images do not either.

    Kyle Sanders

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