the “ideal” body

While Hannah already posted about this article, I thought I had some different ideas about why I chose this particular article on a non-photographers stand point.

The reason why this article attracted my attention so much tonight was the fact that I stumbled upon it after watching a couple minutes of the Victoria Secret fashion show. While watching the fashion show and the exotic models with the perfect bodies strut down the runway I realized people’s opinions about the show were blowing up my twitter. Posts such as “thanks for making me want to jump off a bridge now #VCfashionshow” is the kind of comments I found from my normal sized, petite friends who can only dream of looking like these super models.

Why do young women feel the need to look like these models. This body type is very unusual and takes a lot of work (and sometimes surgery) to achieve. Even though most people know this, we still dream of looking this way. Why do we even have to waste our time with these unrealistic thoughts when we can be dreaming of things like becoming successful, strong and independent women?

I can’t help but think that photoshopping in magazines is just another catalyst to this terrible obsession which women have in striving to achieve this unrealistic, yet idealistic, “perfect” body.


One response to “the “ideal” body

  1. I think some model’s body is ridiculously skinny. However the ideal beauty we approach is skinny body. It sound ridiculous but we have admit the fact that we choose skinny body over fat body (normal body). The image created by Photoshop gives us fantasy that we have from not only celebrities but also fashion industry and idea of beauty. So since you are photographer I want to ask if you have fat model or skinny but off proportioned model for your fashion Photo shoot. Would you do some Photoshop?

    Ps- During this class, I find weird things about the size. Size I thought normal isn’t normal in America. It’s little different from each country. Because I wear medium in USA while I can’t even fit on large in Korea. And some store in Korea I can’t even find my size. Moreover, people looking at my legs and said “I feel so bad for your shoe. Your shoe looks like about to smashed by you” and “you shouldn’t wear skirt with that legs”. Why do you think it’s so different?

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