Vegetarian Fashion


I found this article in Vogue and thought it was pretty interesting. It talks about Arden Wohl and how her vegetarian and animal supporting lifestyle led her to give away all her leather shoes, bags, and high couture items. If i was a vegetarian, I don’t think i would be able to give up what she did, especially an Alexander McQueen dress. Wohl also convinced her friend Victoria Barlett to create a vegan shoe collection called VPL Vegan for Spring, which features eco and animal friendly footwear made sustainably.

Dealing with animals in fashion has always been a common issue and can be most commonly seen in advertisements made by PETA, which is known for its campaigns on fur and animal skins featuring celebrities.


One response to “Vegetarian Fashion

  1. esthermun

    I find this very interesting because although I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, when I think about the animals that are killed in order to make certain products it really hurts. But I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to give up leather materials.

    Esther Mun

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