class material for nov.30th

Super slim me






This is a documentary about size issue. It begins with a girl trying to lose weight to become size0 and how she find truth of size0. And more over, especially at part5 and 6 she was trying to find out who is responsible for size0 issue and trying to express her voice.

‘made in Italy’vs’made in China’

first article is about how ‘made in Italy’ become like a brand.

However I found really funny how ‘made in China’ replace ‘made in Italy’ in other article. And last article is show how “some hide the “Made in China” label in the bottom of an inside pocket or stamped black on black on the back side of a tiny logo flap. Some bypass the “provenance” laws requiring labels that tell where goods are produced by having 90 percent of the bag, sweater, suit or shoes made in China and then attaching the final bits — the handle, the buttons, the lifts — in Italy, thus earning a “Made in Italy” label. Or some simply replace the original label with one stating it was made in Western Europe.”(7th paragraph in article)

So what do you think about ‘made in Italy’vs’made in China’


– Mother gives you the birth (life) while doctor gives your face and body –

This week’s reading is about body image and how plastic surgery (how it becomes public service in Brazile by psychological reason.). I was really connected with this week’s reading because cosmetic surgery is really universal thing in my home town (NY times had article about it 5days ago: ). Not only Korea but also whole Asia is pretty famous with cosmetic surgery. Moreover, most of Korean I know, done some surgery or shot. For example, Eyelid surgery is really common and some of them did nose. One of my friends told me she was so scared about nose-job she took a shot on her nose instead of surgery. Also there are people done some liposuction on their belly and went all the way to Hong-Kong to get her breast done. After reading I can’t stop thinking about why so many people want to do plastic surgery. Some of plastic surgery can be dangerous and also it cost a lot more than people are thinking. In the reading it said about self-esteem. And because of that how doctors start making joke about ‘what’ is the difference between a psychoanalyst and a plastic surgeon? The psychoanalyst knows everything but changes nothing. The plastic surgeon knows nothing but changes everything’ and a lot of Korean joke as ‘Mother gives you the birth (life) while doctor gives your face and body.’ Is these jokes are true? I am afraid to say it but yes! Yes it is. Why they are getting these surgery according to reading some people want to do it because of their self-esteem and some said to get a job. Also in the reading, some people getting surgery to get a job. (Alexander Edmonds 366,369pg) It seems like everything is depending on looks. But how they know which one is beautiful and which one is not? To me it’s Media. Each part of media portrays ‘ideal beauty’. And we think the ‘ideal beauty’ by media is perfect. Media is not just projecting ‘ideal beauty’. Media also visualized ‘ideal beauty’ as hierarchies and it also projects becoming beautiful means rich and powerful. However media does not show there is a class barrier hide behind the ‘ideal beauty’. People starts compare themselves to ‘ideal beauty’ and wish to become rich, powerful and beautiful like one of them. Plastic surgery can give people the look of ‘ideal beauty’ but it can’t over their self-esteem and class barriers (rich and powerful people).