The Substance of style BY Virginia Postrel

How the Rise of Aesthetics value is remaking Commerce, culture, and consciousness



Postrel talks about the strategy and business in the age of aesthetics. When I read this article it reminds me of my life as and they way I perceive the American looks and ways of life, living in a free society. I think about aesthetics as looks and feels. I know that when I go shopping for something, it is because I want to create difference, I want to have my own identity, I want to express the freedom of choice, and so I buy because I like it.

“We are by nature deep biologically natural visual, tactile creatures,” –David brown

In this quotes brown simple restates the fact that aesthetic pleasure is a human instincts for sensory appeals.

To touch, to have more choices, and more responsibility is the key essentials for aesthetic remaking commerce, culture, and consciousness. People today use style to expression identity, to create the space around them to make it special to themselves. This is the ideal American culture for which we have democratized taste, made the way we live essential for growth and creativity. This shows that consumers’ dictates aesthetic choice, because it is pleasing to them, it is because they like it. And there comes the idea that fashion has meaning, that appearance have a meaning, looks are not to impress but they are for aesthetic pleasure. People shop for looks that sells, because style is is aesthetic life in which quality and price maybe the same but the taste varies depending on the person.

Beauty is now proclaimed as being at of a universal human nature…”-Washington post

It’s all about personal identity, and the freedom of choice. As a consumer we demand sensory appeals, because we can personalize them make them our own. In the readings Postrel makes it clear just because something is sensual appealing doesn’t mean it takes away from its function or the quality of the substance. She makes a clear point that aesthetic is more persuasive based on look and feel in today’s society opposed to being restricted to a social, or economic or an elite.

When I think about the afghan woman who styled her hair and painted her nailed to celebrate liberation of Kabul. I think of how fashion and style represents freedom, because life in a free society like America individual have that choice to make themselves beautiful, to make the world around them look and feel beautiful according to there own aesthetic sensibilities.




The response to Warhol economy the creative a aspects of art fashion and music in new york city it talks about how geography play a major role in the economy, and the clubs, and galleries and music play a major role in the creative economy of NYC and how it works how some people thinks it all fun and cool but really it is a business. Artists and designer and entertainers all work in a related field where there creativity depends on each other.  Journalist, press, and reporters, critics, and experts make it all happen. The social life and people you meet out of luck makes it all happen in the urban economy. It talk about how Basquiat used to do graffiti on subways and how he ran into another popular pop artist at the time which was Andy Warhol who helped him get exposure and connections with galleries and his career took off because the social elites valued what they seen his works some of his paintings were so expensive like $20,000 for a picture. These painting of unique graffiti and French African style become a commodity apart of an urban economy because of the value it was given. This example shows how the city works and how art drive the city. I think about entertainers and fashion designers and how people are driven to buy a particular fashion because a music entertainer like Beyoncé wore it. This is a flash back of how fashion started in Bryant Park and now it so big it requires big open venues for music and advertisement art and models and celebrities and over a thousand guests, film producers, buyers and the public press and so on to make their fashion show. And the first thing they use to make the show seem interesting to the consumers or press is the poplar celebrities seating on the front row at the fashion shows to give value to the fashion they are trying to market and sale.  review this idea by looking at the relation with high end designers and celebrities like Thierry Mugler and Lady Gaga. It’s all-apart of a creative economy. I think about art and fashion I review Donna Karen’s recent fashion show, which is influence by and Haitian artist Philippe Dodard. Donna Karen has been in relation and communication with Haiti in her visits and connection with Haitian artist and even WY clef Jean a Haitian – American music icon. This shows how fashion is marketed on fresh ideas and taste. It is design and art and music and all of that that gives culture to both masses and niche markets. This creativity would not exist with the social world.


A Response to: Money Has No Smell The Africanization of New York City

” They Just wanted to wear those caps, which make them feel, more connected to the African tradition”

The passage stated “on 125th street in Harlem, African Americans bought “african Kente” caps from West African street vendors who purchased the caps from Asian Suppliers” This is a great example of how reproduction has devoured the value of old traditions and cultivated cultural trends are now apart of a fad. The Kente caps are no longer original they are market good and consumers think they are african made because of the african vendors. This is a realistic example of market strategy to sell, and this strategy works because it is marketing afro-centricity which is an ideology and identity.

When I think about the idea of people buying reproductions that they think are traditional or a  symbol of tradition it brings me back to Walter Benjamin response to mechanical reproduction.

I think of how these reproductions have an effect on its traditional forms these “african kente caps” lacks originality the textile doesn’t have a presence in time and space,it doesn’t have a unique existence it is just a cap. Like  Moussa Diallo said in the passage “…they were just kente caps that’s all. The African American were happy to buy them.”  You know some think they are caps from africa but the truth is they are asian made. There is no authenticity, there is no africa tradition and therefore the quality is always depreciated. The fact that these kente caps are reproductions that detaches them from the domain of traditions, they don’t have african aura anymore so I don’t think they should be titled “African Kente Caps.” The percept of an object like this can be changed. Buyers are going to have these caps and perceive or value them in their on way.

I look at consumer goods like the kente caps as just a material good that is anti-aesthetic. These things are just machine made, and supposedly be a symbol of africa, and it is definitely a discourse of afro-centricity which is a commercial ideology for selling such goods like the kente cloth. It is Just like we buy other things that have no value just a item we bought because it was cheap, affordable and just a quick fad. It is just like buying a hat that is american styled from donna karen but it was made in china.  Everything is mass marketed and apart economy MONEY HAS NO SMELL. Just as the “African Kente Cap” these item has NO Authenticity…






My chosen Space of Consumption is BEBE. The store is designed to attract sexy, sophisticated, trendy ,and fashion forward women from 18-to late 30’s. The images of the models and the dressed manikins displays a lifestyle of women with the everyday life rather working ,partying or activity participation that a woman would have in their daily life. The consumer can  imagine the life of the chic models with curve hugging dresses on and high heels which convey the lifestyle of a modern woman who works and party and do casual activities and still look sexy. This store is a place where this type of woman can go and buy and have a great shopping experience rather bonding with friends, and still at the same time be within a controlled self contained environment that offers entertainment with pop music playing and gold and black luxury column interiors. the store layout is very minimized and abstract with a lounge area, and air condition and bold lights which creates the mood and the scene of the store …the lifestyle of a sexy modern woman with self confidence…




Photography: A Critical Intro by: Liz Wells

My Response to Chapter 5 Spectacles and Illusions


For many years photography has been used to document the most significant of events, whether they affect an entire society, like fashion fashion photos which inspires people to buy. The viewer in which photos are depicted, and  photography reveals humanity in its subject, but repeated viewing make photographs less real in it context and more glamorized opposed to reality. To control the ordinary people of society, corporate media tends to serve the interest of dominant elite groups in society.


The news shapes and control opinions, information and sources simply by eliminating the most importance of the information selling part of the truth to control the general societies’ thoughts. every thing is designed to fit into the print that serves the interest of powerful elites. oif you notice the newspapers are already prewritten and confirmed before event happens. For example a the super bowl the games n media programs are already bought and paid for , elites have already decided who is going to win and it is already printed in the newspaper before the game. here is a system of shaping, control and so on which gives a certain perception of the world. I gave one example, … That has nothing to do with me, it has to do with marginalizing the public and ensuring that they don’t get in the way of elites who are supposed to run things without interference.

Reality versus Illusion

Photography is an interpretation of the real; it is also a trace, something directly stenciled off the real.”At some supernatural or metaphysical level images are, or become, or supersede reality. Such photos are a resemblance of the real as the photograph becomes an extension of the subject.have so many images available to us of: things, places, events and people from all over the world, and of not immediate relevance to our own existence, that our expectations of what we have the right to view, want to view or should view has been drastically affected. Arguably, gone are the days that we felt entitled to view only those things in our immediate presence or that affected our micro world; we now seem to feel entitled to gain access to any existing images. “In teaching us a new visual code, photographs alter and enlarge our notion of what is worth looking at and what we have the right to observe”, said Sontag.

Glam and Desire

Advertisement and publicity is inspiring desire into others in order to get them to buy. Publicity shows the needs to be happy by presenting glamour showing off happiness because others don’t have. This ideology makes viewers envy what they see and therefore make them want to have whatever the advertiser is selling. This visual culture conveys the idea of wealth and beauty. For example just like the commercial of Cindy Crawford wearing an omega watch. Cindy signifies enduring beauty and glamour.

Kelseo Fashion is a Counter-Culture..

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