Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen Fashion show

This show is amazing. Holographic 3d image of Kate Moss floating during the Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2006 runway show.


ideal beauty

the Beauty Myth by written by Naomi Wolf discusses about ideal beauty and how women are tying to get the perfect beauty. the beauty always desired by women regardless of age. women always want to be younger, thinner and prittier without end. even though they are pretty enough, women thoughts they should be more beautiful because all media shows us a perfect body and a perfect face like a model. only few people meet the perfect ideal level of beauty because the ideal beauty in women’s mind is extremely pretty or beautiful, therefore no one may not be ideally beautiful. since women want to have perfect body and face they always suffer eating disorder, breast enlargement operations and spend a lot of money for anti-aging cosmetics or get  a facial Botox injection. desire for ideal beauty, not a few people suffer from anorexia. I know someone who suffered from anorexia. She was a little bit chubby but it was not look bad. when she went to college, she started to not eat food because she want to be extremely thin like a model. when she go to restaurant with her friends, she did not eat or if she ate something, she went to restroom and threw up. she was going thinner but her health was destroyed. she got a gastroenteric trouble so she did not eat anymore. if she eat something, she has indigestion. Finally, she became extremely thin but it looked not pretty anymore. her parents noticed her problem and tried to treat her anorexia. however, her stomach was in very bad situation so her stomach can not be cured perfectly. now, she still can not eat well because of indigestion dyspepsia.i think being beauty or getting beauty themselves are not bad but when women want to be extremely beautiful, it causes problems because no one can not get the ideal beauty.

proper plastic surgery

When I sew the title “The poor have the right to be beautiful”, it really sounds interesting. In Brazil, the poor can easily access to having plastic surgery. As people have desired beauty, more and more people want to have plastic surgery. However, everyone cannot get plastic surgery because having a plastic surgery is expensive and no insurance. Naturally, the poor cannot get the right of beauty. The people who can access to having plastic surgery are celebrities or the rich. They get operation very commonly. For the reason, the rich can get beauty also like luxury bags but the poor cannot get beauty. I have question why plastic surgery is not applied insurance because most ugly people have mental problems with their appearance. They tend to be shy and have low self esteem. Their mental problem comes from their appearance. If someone has big complex with he/her appearance then the complex cause big mental illness, she/he should get out from her complex. If she/he not able to access to plastic surgery because of poverty, government should expend medical insurance coverage to plastic surgery. I know one person who got plastic surgery. She had big complex with her eyes because her eyes are so small. In Korea, big eyes are regarded as beautiful eyes. Her complex causes her mental illness so when someone looks at her in street, she thought that people look at her because she is so ugly. Finally, her mother made her get plastic surgery. After her operation, she can get confidence and self esteem. She became outgoing. Seeing her changes, I thought transition of appearance treatment mental illness. It is obvious that there are many people who are poisoned by plastic surgery and plastic surgery causes many problems, proper plastic surgery can be one way of getting out of complexes.

Yewon Kang

Reading “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing” was very interesting. Before I read “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing”, I had no idea where the clothes that I threw away go. I just thought that the clothes are going charitable organization. I was surprising how the secondhand clothes make good revenue. According to the author, he/she said “international secondhand clothing trade might be considered a “win-win-win-win situation””. I really agree with the author. Even though some people thrown the used clothes and do not need anymore, some people may need the thrown clothes. Charitable organizations such as Goodwill industries and the Slbation Army make the used clothes valuable. They organize and categorize the secondhand clothes and make diverse trades according to use. While reading the “Sourcing of Second Hand Clothing”, I was thinking how the used clothes are using in my hometown. There are many second hand shops but those are not exactly same from the stores in United States. They trade with different ways. The shop name is “Gugus” that sells luxurious used goods such as clothes accessories and shoes. The prices are also very expensive compare to the price of general used clothes because the luxury used goods are all brand goods. The shop sells used goods online and offline both. Also, the shops are chain so people easily access to the store from anywhere. The shop against the judgement that second hand goods are not luxury, have row quality and are cheap. Also, people who provide the luxury goods can deal with the shop. First, when people do not need luxury goods anymore, she/he makes the deal with the Gugus shop and they adjust the price. Even thought trade ways are different each in the world, it is obvious that there are many smart trades with the second hand clothing that seem have no profit.


My chosen place of consumption is Whole food.  The place sells only organic food. There are fresh fruits, meats, vegetables and so on. The quality of food is differenciated with other normal stores. Whole food produces their organic goods on their own. People know how they sell their goods, people believe and eat food from whole food.  Selling organic food have relationship with the key word “lifestyle”. More and more people start to concern about their health because the average life span is getting longer  and people are being sick very easily because of  wrong eating habits such as fast food and junk food. Now people know fast food and junk food is really bad for health so more and more people stop eating junk food and start to eat healthy food.  For the reason people go to Whole food to be healther.