Clothing as a socially moral and directional item, how it has shaped people, specifically celebrities in today’s society

The idea of the body and dress as a social acceptance of morals, or that it has a directional quality to it is a fascinating thought, this is definably relevant in discussions of dress to me as a designer and as an voyeur. In Joanne Entwistle’s “The Dressed Body” she speaks over how certain situations¬† dictate the way one dresses, such as a wedding for example. You don’t wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride, and on a job interview, you don’t wear jogging pants due to the social construct of that not being presentable. This idea of dressing for certain situations is interesting due to the fact that how prevalent it is our society in everyday life whether we choose to think about it or not, especially how it is seen on different types of people, for example the shift between pedestrians and the “famous”. Especially today, pop stars are the kinds of people that have to be dressed up all the time, or they lose there appeal to someone who does do it 100%. Things you would wear for a certain occasion, or somethings you think of being like that is just bizarre and has no place to be worn, certain celebrities or fashion icons have developed into a regularly ritualistic application that goes hand in hand with their everyday activities. Not just for appearances or videos or award ceremonies, but to do the most basic of things. For Example, the icons that do this everyday, that make us wonder what crazy thing do they wear to bed are as follows.

Lady GaGa

Nicki Minaj

Daphne Guinness

The Late Elsa Schiaparelli

Just to name a few……

These women are examples of how there dress whcih is going on 24/7 even when they are going to the grocery store have developed a way to incorporate things for certain situations into an everyday common practice. Things that the everyday person would do in sweatpants, Daphne Guinness would do in a pair of 8′ heel-less shoes.

In conclusion it is interesting to see the fashion industry really inspire people to do this, and our society today as we had Madonna who started the whole craze arguable of being true to your “persona” has moved into today with such¬† icons as listed, incorporating what is right what is wrong and what is acceptable to leave the house in.


The Bag Man

This article entitled “The Bag Man” by Larissa MacFarquhar was really an intense look into the pirating of luxury goods. All of this information was just being confirmed with my observations of everyday life, but I also learned alot as well through reading it. I think one of the most beautiful parts in the article is when she compares it to dealing drugs, its safer, and your partner doesn’t kill you if you want to sell fake watches.

This whole article being relatable to me as I now live in Chinatown but have grown up in New York, I have seen first hand the evolution of the pirating and fake luxury good world as I have been around it and am certainly around it everyday now. How the people selling have changed their ways of handling the goods either on the street or elsewhere. What is the most fascinating encounter now is that these chinese people speak every single language and now have laminated pieces of paper with what seems to be an inventory. They then call on their cellphones or walkie talkies and a van comes by in 5 minutes and drops off a bag that the consumer wants to buy. Everything is completely mobile now, whereas it used to be that they took you into the back rooms and you would buy there but there have been many raids and newsteams doing undercover for this to be done still.

The luxury good market is one that is driven by craftsmanship, and the desire to attain to something, as humans we will always have that characteristic, so the luxury market will not disappear especially since the new millennium when the importance has been placed on the individual more than the communal, and with purchasing status or luxury or eliteness you can achieve that especially through luxury goods.


I chose to do my shopping study at Bebe, due to many reasons. This store to me is fascinating in it’s whole marketing and to the people they cater to. I walk in and immediately am astounded by the lights in the store, it is very lit up and everything seems very shiny, including the sales people. The girls are nice, they all look like bebe customers, and they all look at me smile and say hi how are you, to which i just respond with a smile and keep looking at things. I start noticing that everything in the store is very much skimpy or made for “going out”, either to dinner or to a club. This is definitely not a store for basics, but it might be basics to some people. The other fascinating view I noticed is their advertisements, the girls in the ad’s are thin and tall and white, and somewhat look chic, sometimes you wouldn’t even think it was Bebe, but then the women buying these clothes in the store are the complete opposite of the girls in the ad’s. This makes me think what are the opposites trying to buy, the unknown? The unknown in this case is SEX, and sex sells, and everyone wants to feel sexy, and I guess If I was a girl wearing really high heels and a short mini-dress would make me feel sexy as well, which is all of what Bebe sells and promotes, sex and feeling sexy.